Business Development & Expansion


We offer extensive support to entrepreneurs or business managers in all phases and areas of the project – and new business development, with the only purpose to increase your company’s overall revenues and profits.

Business Development:

  • Strategy Development
  • Operational planning
  • Management
  • Market overview
  • Defining sales strategy
  • Sales organization design
  • Defining a price policy, commercial terms, purchasing budgets, marketing budgets, etc.
  • Creating, tracking and analyzing KPIs
  • Determination of the market capacity
  • Competition analysis
  • Adjusting your company’s offer to the market demands

Expansion & Start-up Projects:

  • Establishing and developing companies on SEE market
  • Overview of SEE market
  • Expansion on SEE market
  • Go-to-Market strategy, Analysis of Customers, Company, Competition, Market Segmentation in a go-to-market strategy
  • Strong contacts in retail real estate area (shopping malls, retail parks, etc.)
  • Support for building and development of retail network across SEE
  • Creating PL (profit and loss statement)
  • Defining business strategy and creating a business plan
  • Creating, tracking and analyzing KPIs
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Start-Ups (support for establishing, establishing and developing)