HR Management & Development


We provide end to end support to organizations who want to transform their business. We help them translate their strategy into something they can operationalize, by aligning both the tangible elements of the organization – people, structure and process – and the intangible elements – motivations, relationships, and culture. This enables us to anticipate and react to evolving markets, drive true behavioral and organizational change – and make it stick.

HR Management

  • Talent acquisition
    • Diagnose difficult job vacancies and strategy the best recruitment approach to fill them
    • Acquire the best talent to suit an organization in the 21st century
    • Analyze current recruitment and selection processes and suggest areas for improvement or risk management
  • Headhunting – executive positions
    • Targeting and headhunting employees
  • Legal scope for the HR function
    • Advising management on the administration of human resources policies and procedures
    • Developing, revising, and implementing HR policies and procedures
    • Ensuring HR programs and services are in compliance with established policies and procedures and state/federal laws and regulations

Organizational development

  • Organizational design
    • Process analyzing and aligning job descriptions with it
    • Describing and analyzing organization through job descriptions
    • Drawing organizational charts
    • Coordinating the decision-making process regarding headcounts number and structure
    • Organizational culture improving projects
  • Employer branding
    • Working on company visibility and better position on the job market
  • Organization/team/manager/employee assessments
    • Different tools for assessing and analyzing human/organizational potential
    • Creating development plans
    • Creating career plans


  • Learning strategies
    • Creating skills training programs
    • Implementing different methodologies into an organization
    • Creating programs for learning specific knowledge