Nataša Mrav


Key business knowledge and experience:

    • Building HR function – Nataša had many opportunities to build the HR function from zero-point. The goal is to do it without losing extra resources and getting tailor-made solutions for your needs. Nataša and her cooperators have a specific set of knowledge in the area of labor law.
    • Talent acquisition – Our secret is a combination of a good understanding of the position and great network of top talents on the market. Nataša together with her teams closed more than 300 professional positions in various industries from retail to the production part.
    • Talent development – Nataša had a leadership role in many projects and has big experience with choosing partners and approaches which make the best cost efficiency model for investing in your employees
    • Regional business operations – Nataša was operating in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia.
    • Employer branding projects – We have practical knowledge of how to invest and build wisely your positioning as an employer on the market. We can show you with various business cases how can this effect on your overall success.

Areas of Expertise:

Labor law, Recruitment, Selection, Training and Development, HR ERP implementation, Top talents pool strategies, HR Branding, Internal communications, HR administration, Payroll systems, Compensation and Benefits, Motivation od employees, Career plans, Organizational design.

We asked Nataša how he sees the role of Alta Solutions team owns on the market?

Our „Alta“ solutions are perfect for newly or partly established HR functions in organizations. We can boost your efficiency with easy wins but also to work on your long term people strategy. We can develop a system of protection in the legal part of your HR operations which we found very valuable in our experience. We are practical and efficient in way of thinking and designing solutions and ways to bring you top talents and to save them long term.

Alta Solutions team

Alta Solutions team is a compound of different professionals which were Nenads colleagues or partners in business for the past 15 years. Alta Solutions can guarantee you high-quality profile professionals for your needs. Alta is your solution to engage professionals from the area of e-commerce, sales, HR, digital marketing or else, within your company with high efficiency/low-cost arrangements.