Nemanja Kandić

Senior Partner

Key business knowledge and experience:

    • 10+ years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing area
    • Building e-commerce function from zero point – Nemanja was in charge of building e-commerce function as an in-house leader role
    • Nemanja has experience in various industries such as consumer electronics, sporting goods, furniture, fashion, etc.
    • Nemanja has the ability to make 360 strategic approach for your e-commerce needs since he has expertise in every part from technical, marketing, design, pricing and assortment strategy
    • Nemanja has experience with regional business, he was operating in Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Areas of Expertise:

Email Marketing, Web Development, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, Web Design, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Marketing, Graphic Design, Analysis, Social media marketing, Business Strategy, Direct Marketing, Web Applications, Mobile Advertising, Interactive Advertising, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-commerce SEO, Online Research Advertising.

We asked Nemanja how he sees the role of Alta Solutions team owns on the market?

With 10+ years of experience as a leader in many different organizations and specialist for e-commerce and online marketing, I have no doubts that I can drive any business to its own digital/e-commerce success story. I believe that we have strong business knowledge in the first place. That combined with huge experience with different tools, ERPs and methods is a magic combination to bust sales online. I can advise and lead you with a simple and practical approach where you won’t have a feeling that online is some different part of your business, the goal is to make the perfect symphony.

Alta Solutions team

Alta Solutions team is a compound of different professionals which were Nenads colleagues or partners in business for the past 15 years. Alta Solutions can guarantee you high-quality profile professionals for your needs. Alta is your solution to engage professionals from the area of e-commerce, sales, HR, digital marketing or else, within your company with high efficiency/low-cost arrangements.