Nenad Rikić

Senior Partner and Managing Director

Key business knowledge and experience:

    • The professional business leader who is well versed in strategic planning, business management, organizational development, and sales.
    • His 15+ long career progressed from a retail manager through various senior retail and general management roles with multimarket responsibilities,
    • He has experience of years in sales, business development and general management experience gained in a large international and some of the largest regional companies and with international experience in various senior executive roles
    • The leadership of large scale, complex cross-functional organizational projects.
    • Has a unique knowledge of the SEE trading market environment
    • More specifically his experience is focused on the retail real estate industry used for company sales expansion

Areas of Expertise:

Business Development, Establishing and Developing companies, Expansion, Negotiating, Business strategy and planning, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Sales strategy, Pricing strategy, Key accounts strategy, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Organizational Development, Go-to-Market strategy, Market research and insights, Efficiency and productivity building, Marketing and Sales planning, Sales system development.

We asked Nenad how he sees the role of Alta Solutions team owns on the market?

With 15+ years of experience as a leader in 3 different organizations and as a specialist for retail, business development and expansion in Balkans I am convinced that I and my team can contribute to any developing strategy. If we are talking about results, I was a part of the team that leads the company to success from the very beginning. In the area of retail, there is no question where we can not give you various and quality solutions. During the past 10 years, I was directly involved in more than 200 store openings and indirectly in more than 150. During last year, 2018., my team and I were opening 1 store on every 8 days, 45 locations in total.

Alta Solutions team

Alta Solutions team is a compound of different professionals which were Nenads colleagues or partners in business for the past 15 years. Alta Solutions can guarantee you high-quality profile professionals for your needs. Alta is your solution to engage professionals from the area of e-commerce, sales, HR, digital marketing or else, within your company with high efficiency/low-cost arrangements.