Sales Function Development


We are focused on helping you drive revenue and grow long-term customer relationships. Our proven market sales and coaching methodology combined with our active learning approach ensures that your sales teams learn, master, and apply new behaviors when and where they matter most — in front of the buyer.


  • Leading sales teams
    • Setting KPIs
    • Setting the tracking system
    • Setting and tracking daily, monthly and quarterly goals
  • Tools for improving sales and business in retail
    • People counter system
    • Business Intelligence system connected with ERP and people counter
    • Installing cameras
    • Maintenance of retails stores


  • Sales training for sales assistants
    • Sales skills
    • Body Language
    • Objection handling
    • Closing the meeting
  • Sales training for Managers and Team Leaders of sales teams
    • Sales skills;
    • Leading a sales team
    • Setting KPIs
    • Tracking sales team
    • The motivation for the sales team


  • Defining a marketing strategy
    • Defining target niche for promotion
    • Defining the right channels for promotion
    • Creating a budget for promotion
    • Setting KPIs and tracking system
  • Creating sales materials and proposals
    • Creating all sales materials
    • Creating a proposal for partners
    • Learning the logic behind every proposal